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CFO Coaching

Oversight, financial analysis, and strategic advisory discussion, all with the foundation of the Simonson CFO platform.  This professionalized advisory service is offered for or a fixed monthly fee, with no long-term contract.  


Results and Confidence

As a business owner or CEO, having an additional perspective from an advisory standpoint creates advantage. With decades of experience across multiple industry types, Simonson CFO can provide this unique benefit in the form of consistent monthly "CFO Coaching." We can review financials, manage to specific objectives, and provide advisory service promote the development of your business. Securely upload and download documents to the Simonson CFO Platform.

Simonson CFO Platform

Currently still under contruction; set to launch January 2024.  The platform will allow:

*  Single file sharing location

*  Cloud data analytics platform

*  Standardized financial reporting package

*  Analysis and Narrative

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